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VECOPLAN HydroDyn washing technology

The personification of progress in plastics processing. New dimension of high grade and economic plastics recycling!

New dimension of high grade and economic plastics recycling

Once again VECOPLAN AG, the solution provider for highly complex and complete plant systems in the environmental and recycling market, sets a milestone with innovative process technology. VECOPLAN is the exclusive supplier of this new technology worldwide, thus, opening a new business segment within the market of plastics recycling.

VECOPLAN HydroDyn denotes the new system that combines shredding technology, washing method and drying procedure of various plastic materials in a closed, elaborated process. The washing method itself to achieve the high quality of the output materials’ purity is the heart of the innovative process technology, which smoothly and completely covers complex process steps in the production chain via standardised interfaces.

Together with their partner CVP (Clean Value Plastics, Hamburg) the VECOPLAN AG engineers have invested more than two years of development work in a technology which is now ready to be brought to the market and which generates significant advantages, both technologic and economic, compared to conventional systems. With the future-oriented system VECOPLAN HydroDyn VECOPLAN AG now is your partner for high quality and particularly the overall and economic plastics recycling.

VECOPLAN HydroDyn is a high performance, independent washing system in the processing of plastics. This processing technology allows purification of shredded, heavily soiled and most different materials like film, stretch film, hard plastics, packagings, technical plastics, etc. by high friction and strong circulating water flow. As a result, high purity output particles are generated, free from pulp and adhesive contaminations, unique in their purity, that can be added as regrind directly into the secondary processes such as extrusion and granulation.

While conventional washing systems operate with traditional hot washing causing very high energy costs, the hydro dynamic purification generates energy by friction, that is directly provided to the process. The VECOPLAN HydroDyn system requires no additional power supply, but uses the energy from the process for the process and achieves cleaning results with an energy efficiency like never before.

However, not only the energy balance convinces, but also the point of „green production“ applies: The VECOPLAN HydroDyn system works without any chemistry during the washing process. The conventional use of sodium hydroxide to remove adhesives from wafer-thin films is obsolete. Furthermore, a water preparation technology has been developed that is implemented into the system and synchronised into the process that significantly decreases the water consumption, reduces the wastewater volume and minimises operating costs.

Due to the modular design, pre-configured and mounted on platforms, the VECOPLAN HydroDyn system can be integrated into any plant at any time and without any complication - into plants that need extension by washing systems as well as complete new facilities with plants for plastics recycling. Further the modular design allows for very short on-site installation times and complete factory approval.

„With this new process technology we offer plastic processing companies the possibility to recycle heavily soiled plastics at maximum energy efficiency and virtually unrivalled operating costs“, says Stefan Kaiser, Head of Business Unit Recycling of VECOPLAN AG. The new method makes wood, polystyrene and paper as fibrous that it is already separated in the separation process and the final product can be passed highly purified into the extrusion. Thus, VECOPLAN HydrDyn achieves a new, highest quality of recyclates that is obtained from the waste cycle.

The VECOPLAN technology centre possesses a fully functional plant on which interested parties can test their specific material in test series and directly can check and evaluate the high quality of the output material.

VECOPLAN HydroDyn at a glance:

  • Hydro dynamic cleaning of most different kinds of heavily soiled feeding material:
    ‐Stretch film
    ‐Hard plastics
    ‐Technical plastics
  • Highest degree of purification with integrated hot washing
  • Energy efficiency by use of process heat, powerful drive concept and optional tool geometry
  • High purity output material without any chemicals
  • Washing system with integrated wastewater treatment

Contact: Stefan Kaiser, Stefan.kaiser(at), +49 (0) 2661/6267-174

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