VDS - Data carrier shredding

It has our trust – the hard disc specialist

By mechanical shredding sensitive data on digital media are destroyed effectively and irreversibly.
The use of different screen sizes allows the implementation of different security levels according to DIN 66399-2.
The shredder can be loaded with charges up to 30 kg. We trust it – trust us.

VDS - Data carrier shredding

VDS - The hard drive specialist

All components inside the machine that come into contact with products are made from anti-magnetic steel to prevent hard drive magnets from sticking to them. The machine is loaded simply through a closable in-feed shaft.

The highlights of the VDS - Data carrier shredding

Consistently certified security for the destruction of files and data carriers

So that you can rest assured destroying your documents and files with Vecoplan solutions, you need to know what our systems can do. We have found this out through extensive testing and certification procedures to DIN standard 66399-2 and the Technical Guidelines BSI-TL 03420. The level of destruction is either TÜV-certified to DIN standard, is certified by the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI) or has been shown to meet the DIN standard through manufacturer declarations.


Your advantages at a glance

  • High flexibility thanks to wide area of application
  • Simple adjustment thanks to quick screen change
  • Low labour costs thanks to batch-by-batch loading
  • Ready to plug in, CE-compliant delivery
  • Can also be used on a mobile basis
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Shredder for data carriers-EN
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Focus brochure - Document and data carrier destruction-EN

Does this model suit your needs?

VDS 800
Type of drive Belt drive ESC
Motor power 18.5 kW
Speed range 135 1/min
Rotor length 795 mm
Rotor diameter 370 mm
Weight 2.5 to
Dimension (Length) 1,520 mm
Dimension (Width) 1,900 mm
Dimension (Height) 1,740 mm

Can be used for following material

Files and data