VEZ - RDF shredder

Extremely tough – pure shredder power in single-stage shredding, of course also in pre- and post-shredding

Equipped with the virtually maintenance-free, proven HiTorc drive, which is absolutely insensitive to contaminants, this dynamic, robust shredder is extremely reliable and powerful, even with the most difficult, contaminant-laden material streams, both in pre-shredding and in single-stage shredding.
You don't have to do without any of these advantages when it comes to secondary shredding.
The secondary shredder is also equipped with state-of-the-art Vecoplan technology.

Both VEZs are at the heart of efficient and high-performance mechanical processing of a wide variety of refuse-derived fuels or other recyclable materials.

The power pack among the single-shaft pre shredders

For alternative fuel production, where the shredding technology is subjected to particularly high forces and loads, our VEZ 2500 and 3200 shredders are used very successfully in various applications: as pre-shredders, as post-shredders or even in single-stage shredding.
The result: the two powerhouses consistently pull through.

VEZ 3200 TTV

VEZ 2500 TT

The VEZ as a pre-shredder

In the pre-shredding of input material that is often contaminated with impurities, the shredders are subjected to particularly high stresses. For this reason, all components that are exposed to particularly high forces in the shredding process are designed to be very robust.
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VEZ pre-shredder

The VEZ as a re-shredder

The VEZ 2500 with one or two torque drives has been specially designed for secondary shredding in the process of alternative fuel production from production and sorting residues, packaging material and the high-calorific fraction from household and commercial waste. You achieve a particularly homogeneous output with this high-performance shredder.
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VEZ re-shredder

The VEZ in single-stage RDF-shredding

The Vecoplan RDF shredder can be used variably: as a pre-shredder but also as a single-stage shredder for the production of a grain size of up to < 50 millimetres. The high-performance shredder is characterised by the production of a homogeneous grain structure, maximum throughput capacity and reduced heat generation for an energy-saving shredding process.
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VEZ single-stage shredding

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