VVB - Wood Pre Breaker

Mercilessly resilient – The primary wood crusher that really goes to town

The new Vecoplan primary wood crusher is THE efficient and economical solution for producing crushed and shredded material for energy recovery.

VVB – The primary wood crusher

A merciless power machine

The enormous flywheel mass of the rotor crushes all wood fed into its hungry maw. With our VVB power pack, you can achieve large material throughput volumes tailored to your application.
Even an impurity content of less than 2% is no problem for this machine – with its swivelling counter-knife unit and screen basket, it has been specifically designed to tackle such tasks.
The result? DIN EN ISO 17225-compliant fuel in sizes from P45 to P100.

The highlights of the new VVB wood crusher

Focus on ergonomics and throughput

The VVB knows no bounds when the rollers grab conveyor belt-fed material and feed it to its rotor – the machine is simply bursting with raw power.

The VVB also has no limits as far as ergonomics and maintenance are concerned: The cladding can be removed in just a few steps, ensuring safe & easy maintenance and dust reduction.

Your advantages at a glance

  • A robust design combined with enormous flywheel mass
  • Very high throughput rates
  • No metal detector required for extraneous content below 2%
  • Maximum reliability and availability
  • Optimised for ergonomic maintenance and service


Rotor hood

  • With an integrated maintenance platform
  • Best possible accessibility and ergonomic maintenance position
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Automatic hood closures

Oscillating/feed rollersExtremely aggressive feed rollers

  • Frequency-controlled infeed of the oscillating and machine stand roller
  • Internal drive of the oscillating roller
  • Automatic lubrication and temperature monitoring of the internal bearings
  • Angle measurement sensor for optimum raising, lowering and damping of the oscillations


  • Enormous flywheel mass thanks to the solid steel rotor
  • Flanged rotor shafts
  • Smoother running behaviour thanks to the M-shaped arrangement of the shredding tools
  • Different crushing and shredding tools possible
  • Reduced costs of the crushing tool thanks to partial tool change as well as double-sided usability
  • Optional: Automatic positioning in knife change position

Safety feature if extraneous materials are detected

  • Breakaway bolts on both sides with sensor monitoring
  • Counter knife and sieve basket unit swivels freely away
  • When the extraneous materials have been removed, the units can be hydraulically moved back into their operating positions

VSC.Control – Vecoplan Smart Center

  • Modern machine control thanks to the intuitive adjustment of the machine parameters and the storage of settings
  • Overview of individual actual values and current messages, incl. message history
  • Recording of the data values
  • Online access to additional services
  • Increased productivity and energy efficiency
  • Can be used on all standard mobile devices
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Product brochure-wood pre breaker-VVB 600-1600-EN

Which model suits your needs?

Specification VVB 600-1200 VVB 600-1200
Motor power 400-800 kW 630-1000 kW
Speed range 500 1/min -
Rotor length 1,200 mm 1,600 mm
Rotor diameter 1300 mm 1300 mm
Weight 28* to 120 to
Rotor geometry M-Form, Schneidanordnung -
Dimension (Length) 5300 mm 5300 mm
Dimension (Width) 4700 mm 5100 mm
Dimension (Height) 3000 mm 3000 mm
Throughput capacity 70 to/h -

Can be used for following material

Alternative fuel