Giving plastics another life - making the circular economy a reality

Vecoplan goes one step further. True-to-life plastics recycling is experiencing an ever-increasing dynamic. We are responding to the growing demands on the quality of plastic recyclates by expanding our solution competence in processing technology.

With the installation of a new demonstration and test plant for plastics cleaning, Vecoplan is underpinning its claim as a quality provider in recycling technology. Under the name Cleanic, Vecoplan operates a plant for cleaning polyolefins such as HDPE, LPDE or PP.

Which material can you clean in the Cleanic?

We realise the cleaning of polyolefines such as

  • LDPE
  • HDPE
  • PP

The Cleanic offers the unique advantage that both post-consumer films and thin-walled rigid plastics can be cleaned.

The focus of the concept is on the increasing quality requirements of the recycling market. In close cooperation with a network of experts, we have developed a practical solution that meets the high demands of our customers and suits Vecoplan. A symbiosis from which you and we profit.

Saving resources

This is what our heart beats for

Conscious saving of water:

  1. Mechanical dry cleaning replaces conventional prewash
  2. Significant savings in the amount of waste water
  3. Improvement of the water quality of the process water
  4. Increase of the cleaning effect in the washing process
  5. Improvement of the quality of the recycled material

Conscious renunciation of thermal drying:

  1. Achievable residual moisture for film approx. 5-6 %, for hard plastics 2-3 %.
  2. Significant reduction in energy consumption
  3. Reduction of waste heat

Conscious water management:

  1. Separation between the caustic and process water cycles
  2. Connection of all wastewater generation points to the water treatment system
  3. Supply of clean process water to each cleaning component
  4. Increasing the retention time of the water in the process

Cleaning is more than washing

No one can hold a candle to us here: The cornerstone of effective cleaning lies in shredding, our core competence since the very beginning!
Washed with all waters: Washing technology requires a high level of interface knowledge. Expertise that Vecoplan has gained from many complete plant projects!
We are not thrown in at the deep end: we have always pursued the approach of providing you with solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements.
Not just clean but sorted? At your request, we will take care of the sophisticated separation of foreign plastics for the highest quality of cleaning.
Water is best at the source: We offer pure dry or dry-wet, cold or hot, with or without lye. We test it out for you.

Our demand

Our processing technology transforms used films and rigid plastics into extrudable high-quality flakes,
which are given a second life in the consumer goods, packaging and cosmetics industries.

In doing so, our concept deliberately deviates from conventional paths.
We swim against the tide in order to demonstrate and exploit new possibilities. 
See for yourself.

You decide the degree of cleaning

In the Cleanic we work out with you individually which process steps are necessary

STEP 1 – Mechanical shredding
STEP 2 – Dry mechanical pre-cleaning
STEP 3 – Wet mechanical cleaning in several stages
STEP 4 – Mechanical drying

The cleaning components

in detail:

Dry separator
Lye scrubber
Friction separator
Turbo dryer
Screw press

The Cleanic in numbers

approx. 600
m² total area
up to approx. 750
kg/h capacity
in operation since
2 %
to 6 % residual moisture
Martina Schmidt
Head of Business Unit Recycling | Waste

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Stefan Stehle
Process engineer cleaning technology

Would you like to contact Vecoplan online?
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