VSE - Single screw conveyor

For metered and uniform conveying, the single-shaft screw conveyors are ideally suited due to their perfect flow behaviour

Single-shaft screw conveyors are ideal for bulk materials that flow well. The single-screw Vecoplan conveyors can convey bulk materials as well as granular, small-sized, and even semi-moist and fibrous materials, transporting them all finely dosed and uniformly. The conveyance route can be both horizontal and ascending. Depending on the delivery diameter, you will achieve delivery rates of five to 750 cubic metres per hour. We have designed the units to be compact and robust. They can be loaded and unloaded at any point. The screw conveyors offer long service life and low maintenance.

Advantages at a glance

  • Simple, compact and robust design
  • Individual loading possibilities of the conveyed material at any position
  • Material selection and wear lining individually according to requirements
  • Long lifetime, low maintenance

Convince yourself of the unlimited flexibility for unlimited requirements.

Conveying technology from Vecoplan for a safe and dust-free bulk good transport

Södra Cell is Sweden's largest forestry association. At its site in Väröbacka Vecoplan installed a 1,7 km long pipe conveyor line of the type Vecobelt for the internal transport of sawdust and bark.

Which model suits your needs?

Specification VSE 250 VSE 300 VSE 400 VSE 500 VSE 650 VSE 1000
Type of drive Electromechanical drives Electromechanical drives Electromechanical drives Electromechanical drives Electromechanical drives Electromechanical drives
Motor power 0,75 - 9,2 kW 0,75 - 15 kW 0,75 - 15 kW 1,1 - 18,5 kW 1,1 - 18,5 kW 1,1 - 22 kW
Conveying capacity volume 25 m³/h 35 m³/h 55 m³/h 80 m³/h 120 m³/h 250 m³/h
Belt width 250 mm 300 mm 400 mm 500 mm 650 mm 1,000 mm
Total length 7 m 7 m 8 m 9 m 9 m 9 m
Clear width 270 mm 340 mm 430 mm 530 mm 660 mm 1,030 mm
Maximum inclination 30 ° 45 ° 30 ° 30 ° 30 ° 30 °

Can be used for following material

Files and data
Paper and cellulose
Domestic and industrial waste
Alternative fuel
Plastics - post-consumer
Plastic - post-industrial
Plastic - Inhouse Recycling