Ireland’s largest cement producer relies on Vecoplan

Irish Cement Ltd.

Reliable supply of pre-heater tower and main burner with daily 840 tonnes of RDF. As Ireland's leading cement producer, Irish Cement Ltd. is a member of the international Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) and promotes sustainability in the cement sector.


In this context, the company's own Platin/Drogheda plant was to be converted to RDF use in cement production in order to save primary energy and CO2, with a daily output of 840t on 330 days a year. The reliable fuel supply for the pre-heater tower and main burner are of central importance.


In the conversion to RDF, Vecoplan created a solution that enabled a smooth transition: Vecoplan designed a complete RDF unloading, conveying, storage and loading system. The central task was to create a fast and continually reliable RDF conveyor line with a high daily throughput rate. All stations of the RDF conveyor and storage system are designed for performance and reliability with full interaction between Vecoplan Engineering and Technology.


In an extensive engineering process, Vecoplan developed and implemented an optimal complete system, which has proven itself through its performance and reliability. The conversion to the use of RDF by a continuously safe running overall plant was carried out without any problems.

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