VSM - Screw discharger

Discharge of bulk material with uniform volume flow and high conveying capacity

With our VSM series screw dischargers, you can economically discharge very different bulk materials such as wood chips, sawdust, or even biomass from silos and bins continuously - even with difficult materials. The VSM series also prevents bridging and segregation of the material. Thanks to the modular components, you can use our discharge trays in a variety of ways.

Advantages at a glance

  • Prevention of bridging and segregation of the material
  • Versatile use thanks to modular components
  • High conveying capacity and even volume flow
  • Long lifetime, low maintenance requirements

Which model suits your needs?

VSM 300
VSM 400
Weight - -
Conveying capacity volume 95 m³/h 150 m³/h
Belt width 300 mm 400 mm
Total length 7000 m 8000 m

Can be used for following material

Domestic and industrial waste
Alternative fuel