VTH - Drum chipper

The drum chipper for economical production of wood chips

Do you want to produce fuel chips for energy generation, or quality chips for the cellulose industry – extremely economically? Then look no further than our VTH drum chippers. You’ll achieve enormous throughput rates with these drum chippers. These are stationary machines with a horizontal feeding unit. They are equipped with a rotor fitted with chipping knives for shredding round wood for the energy industry or residual wood in sawmills, for example.

VTH - Drum chipper

Powerful drum chippers for versatile use

The Vecoplan drum chipper VTH is known worldwide in the timber industry for its robustness and durability due to its enormous throughput and wide range of sizes and rotor systems. It is designed to perform a range of tasks, from the production of fuel chips for energy generation through to quality wood chips for the wood pulp industry. In a nutshell, it is used in industrial applications where wood chips are required as the starting material for a subsequent production process. The material is fed horizontally into the drum chippers. Feeding via vibratory conveyor or conveyor belt is possible. Our proven drum chippers are appreciated by our customers from the biomass recycling and the wood processing industry. The versatile Vecoplan drum chippers are exceptionally durable, reliable and powerful thanks to our many years of experience and top development expertise.

The highlights of the VTH - Drum chipper

Optimally adapted to individual requirements

Our Vecoplan drum chippers are extremely compact. Depending on the application and model type, centrifugal wedge or clamping plate systems are used to clamp the chipper blades.

The material to be processed is fed horizontally into the machine and feeding is possible via vibratory conveyor as well as via a conveyor belt. To achieve a homogeneous result of high quality, we adapt our  drum chippers exactly to the specific customer requirements. Depending on the input material, chipper knives or U rotors with cutting crowns are used.Whether for small and medium-sized operations or larger throughput volumes: We offer you economical and efficient drum chipper solutions for the production of wood chips according to the respective application in the required quality and quantity.


Your advantages at a glance

  • Highest reliability and availability
  • Low operating costs
  • Maximum throughput
  • Consistent output quality
  • Low losses due to low fines content
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Which model suits your needs?

Specification VTH 100 VTH 120 VTH 150 VTH 200 VTH 250 VTH 300
Type of drive Belt drive Belt drive Belt drive Belt drive Belt drive Belt drive
Motor power 18,5 kW 30 - 75 kW 37 - 55 kW 45 - 90 kW 55 - 160 kW 110 - 315 kW
Speed range 500 1/min 500 1/min 600 - 1000 1/min 650 - 1000 1/min 650 - 1000 1/min 600 1/min
Rotor diameter 400 mm 400 mm 500 mm 600 mm 700 mm 1000 mm
Dimension (Length) 1,800 mm 2,700 mm 3,000 mm 3,200 mm 3,700 mm 3,600 mm
Dimension (Width) 930 mm 1,200 mm 1,700 mm 1,900 mm 2,200 mm 2,400 mm
Dimension (Height) 870 mm 1,100 mm 1,200 mm 1,300 mm 1,300 mm 1,700 mm

Can be used for following material