VVR - Vibrating conveyor

Vibrating conveyor are suitable for feeding of drum chipper or also for discharge of bulk material

Vibration conveyors feed residual wood to the drum chippers in sawmills. They can also be used for the transport of bulk materials such als fuels (wood chips) in a boiler charging system. If required, we can equip the systems with contaminant detection and an integrated screening zone. Vibration conveyors compensate for volume fluctiations in the feeding and feed the material evenly and continuously to the downstream process.

The highlights of the vibrating conveyors

Vecoplan vibrating conveyors collect residual wood parts in sawing lines, e.g. splinters and board cuttings, and feed them continuously and evenly to the shredder. Volume fluctuations in the feed are compensated. Optionally, fine particles or excess lengths can be separated from fuels via integrated screening zones. An impurity detection and sorting system can also be installed without any problems.

Advantages at a glance

  • High conveying capacity
  • Low-maintenance continuous operation
  • Easy and quick to clean
  • Gentle and even conveying
  • Solid construction

Which model suits your needs?

Specification VVR 80 VVR 120 VVR 150 VVR 200 VVR 250 VVR 300
Motor power max. 5,5 kW max. 5,5 kW max. 7,5 kW max. 7,5 kW max. 11 kW max. 15 kW
Conveying capacity volume 40 m³/h 70 m³/h 110 m³/h 125 m³/h 150 m³/h 220 m³/h
Total length 28 m 26 m 24 m 24 m 20 m 18 m
Clear width 350-750 mm 450-950 mm 450-1,250 mm 550-1,50 mm 550-1,250 mm 650-1,450 mm
Maximum inclination 3 ° 3 ° 3 ° 3 ° 3 ° 3 °

Can be used for following material

Paper and cellulose
Plastics - post-consumer
Plastic - post-industrial
Plastic - Inhouse Recycling