VNZ - Re-shredder

Powerful re-shredding of pre-crushed material

With our VNZ series, you get high-performance secondary shredders in a robust design, which have been specially developed for the re-shredding of pre-crushed material to produce separable material for value and material use. Waste wood, pre-shredded domestic, industrial and commercial waste, production waste, straw, root wood and much more can be processed without any problems. Various rotor systems and geometries are available for optimum shredding performance with different material tasks.

VNZ - Re-shredder

The strongest among the double-shaft re-shredders

The Vecoplan double-shaft shredder was developed for the re-shredding of pre-crushed waste wood, pre-shredded domestic,industrial and commercial waste, production waste, straw, root woodand much more. We can deal with a great variety of input materialsand match customer requirements, thanks to our different cuttingtools, counter-knife variants and matching perforated screens.

The highlights of the VNZ - Re-shredder

Indestructible power thanks to a robust construction

The basis for efficient and trouble-free operation is the machine housing, consisting of a thick-walled, ribbed construction with optimum functional machine geometry.

The two solid steel rotors with their large flywheel masses ensure smooth machine operation and high throughput. The interaction of the two rotors with the common counter knife and the perforated screens results in a very separable and homogeneous output. Hydraulic maintenance doors facilitate the replacement of wear parts and the removal of impurities, even when the filling hopper is completely full.


Your advantages at a glance

  • Highest reliability and availability
  • Cost minimisation through energy efficiency
  • Optimisation of maintenance and service
  • Best added value through consistently high, high-quality output
  • Support through Vecoplan Live Service


The HiTorc drive is a frequency-controlled, powerful high-torque motor with a variably adjustable speed range that can also start up under load. The virtually maintenance-free and noiseless drive has an energy saving of up to 60% compared to conventional drives.

The maintenance doors can be swivelled hydraulically. Due to the good accessibility, it facilitates the changing of wearing parts and the removal of impurities.

Due to the different screen perforations, the output grain size can be optimally adjusted. The screen basket is very easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance work.

The counter knife is multi-piece and hardened. The small blade gap optimises the cutting performance. The lowerable counter-knife cross-bar (pneumatic) supports maintenance work and the removal of impurities. The "flipper" (machine breakage protection) protects the machine from damage.

Hydraulic swivelling of the maintenance doors.

The rotor is equipped with concave knives that achieve long service lives and can be used up to 4 times each.

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Which model suits your needs?

Specification VNZ 2100 VNZ 2500 VNZ 3000
Type of drive Electromechanical drives Direct drive HiTorc Electromechanical drives
Motor power 75 - 110 kW 134 kW 90 - 110 kW
Speed range 165 - 165 1/min 60 - 230 1/min 165 - 165 1/min
Rotor length 2,100 mm 2,500 mm 3,000 mm
Rotor diameter 500 mm 640 mm 500 mm
Weight 12.8 to 24.5 to 15.5 to
Rotor geometry Cutting crowns 60 x 60 mm
U rotor: 2 x 64 pcs

Cutting crowns 80 x 80 mm
U rotor: 2 x 24 pcs or 2 x 48 pcs
Cutting crowns 60 x 60 mm
U rotor: 2 x 76 pcs or 2 x 114 pcs

Cutting crowns 80 x 80 mm
U rotor 2 x 60 pcs
Cutting crowns 60 x 60 mm
U rotor: 2 x 92 pcs

Cutting crowns 80 x 80 mm
U rotor: 2 x 34 pcs or 2 x 68 pcs

Dimension (Length) 4,010 mm 5,120 mm 4,380 mm
Dimension (Width) 2,400 mm 2,580 mm 2,750 mm
Dimension (Height) 1,850 mm 1,975 mm 2,100 mm

Can be used for following material

Domestic and industrial waste
Alternative fuel