VIZ - High performance shredder

Infinitely flexible - the ingeniously-adaptable shredding machine for reusable materials

Your challenge is frequently changing material with different requirements? The new Vecoplan shredder offers a correspondingly efficient
and adaptable machine concept in the smallest possible space. Couple this flexibility with low investment and operating costs
and you will experience efficient process stability.

VIZ - Vecoplan Infinity Shredder

Able to handle anything

The VIZ was specially developed for applications in the processing of a wide variety of plastics with a high degree of flexibility in the equipment. In the meantime, however, the shredder has also proven itself in other areas, such as data and document destruction. You can choose between different drive types, rotor geometries and cutting crowns - exactly matching your specific requirements. Two different sizes of the VIZ machine series allow a working width / rotor length of 1300-2100 mm. This allows a throughput of 800-6000 kg to be achieved.

The highlights of the new VIZ recyclable material shredder

Revolution of the W- and V-rotor -
infinitely customisable and easier to maintain than ever before

The new rotor solution from Vecoplan offers numerous advantages in terms of cutting geometry: thanks to the concept of bolted tool holder plates with variably executable cutting tip sizes, rotor changes are a thing of the past.

You decide what drives you!

Configure the Vecoplan High Performance shredder to match your requirements and choose between the HiTorc drive with its powerful start-up phase and high torque, or the ESC belt-type, direct drive. Both types are characterised by many advantages: frequency-controlled drive, variably adjustable speed range, foreign object detection, high dynamics due to fast reversing and restarting in the material, low maintenance and low wear.


Your advantages at a glance

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Highest availability
  • Hardly any losses due to lowest fines content
  • Shortest amortisation periods


You have the choice between the maintenance- and wear-free and almost noiseless HiTorc drive with synchronous motor without mechanical drive train. It features the highest possible torque at low speed and starts smoothly even when the machine is full.

... or you can choose the ESC drive, an intelligent, self-regulating drive concept with slippage detection in real time, which is recommended due to its cost-effective operation.

The W/V rotor offers high throughput rates and ensures homogeneous output quality with low fines content and little grain variance. Depending on the size, the rotor can be designed with 3 or 5 times the number of cutting tools.

The profiled U-rotor with toothed counter knife can be designed with 1 to 3 times the number of cutters, depending on the size.

An optimised machine design has resulted in an enlarged shredding chamber for feeding closed bales starting from VIZ 1300. In addition, a second counter knife can be integrated at a later date.

An improved ram height makes the VIZ suitable for shredding bales and bulky pieces. In addition, this minimises the distance to the rotor, which leads to a reduction in material residues. The pulling design of the hydraulics also offers many advantages as well.

The swing-away screen is robust and guarantees simple, fast and safe screen changes. The variable positioning of the screen segments enables a maximum wear part life cycle. Adaptation to the required output grain size is achieved by different sieve perforations.

The integrated and intuitive VSC.control operating panel serves as a communication medium for the modern control system and as a link to our technicians. Of course, you can also use it to operate the machines easily and intuitively. This is an enormous relief, especially when you have to process different materials with different requirements. The VSC.control panel is designed for durable and robust operation in a demanding environment. 

The setting of some components can also be changed directly via operating points on the machine - this applies on the one hand to the sieve.....

...but the counter blade can also be adjusted via a control point on the machine frame.

Convince yourself of the unlimited flexibility for unlimited requirements.

Our highly efficient shredder VIZ, Vecoplan Infinity Shredder, is particularly flexible: by configuring the cutting geometry and screen selection, it can be adapted in detail to the input and output requirements. It also impresses with high availability, low operating costs and maximum throughput.

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Success Story - Shredding of challenging post-industrial waste

Which model suits your needs?

VIZ 1300 S
VIZ 1300
VIZ 1700
VIZ 2100
Type of drive Belt drive ESC Belt drive ESC Belt drive ESC Belt drive ESC
Motor power 75 - 90 kW 75 - 90 kW 132 - 160 kW 132 - 160 kW
Speed range 95-265 1/min 95-265 1/min 100-300 1/min 100 - 300 1/min
Rotor length 1,245 mm 1,245 mm 1,660 mm 2,075 mm
Rotor diameter 495 mm 495 mm 495 mm 495 mm
Weight 6,5 to 9.3 to 12.5 to 14,0 to
Dimension (Length) 2,845 mm 4,080 mm 4,080 mm 2,075 mm
Dimension (Width) 2,515 mm 2,560 mm 2,975 mm 3,390 mm
Dimension (Height) 1,350 mm 1,600 mm 1,600 mm 1,600 mm

Can be used for following material

Files and data
Paper and cellulose
Plastics - post-consumer
Plastic - post-industrial
Plastic - Inhouse Recycling