Industrial waste

Waste from crafts, service industries, trade and public institutions

Commercial municipal waste (also abbreviated to commercial waste) is municipal waste from sources other than private households, in particular commercial and industrial waste as well as waste from private and public institutions. This waste is similar to waste from private households due to its nature or composition and must be disposed of in the same way.

However, commercial municipal waste also includes other production-specific waste from other sources, such as workshop waste, cleaning rags containing mineral oil, paint buckets or non-infectious waste, leather waste, metal waste, including shavings from metalworking and metal processing.

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VRZ - a real ripper for tough continuous operation in recycling and waste treatment plants.

The stationary shredder with its extremely robust double-shaft shredding system is ideally suited to efficiently reduce various inhomogeneous wastes to a uniform grain size band in order to prepare them for economic recovery of recyclable materials, energy generation and further treatment, or for storage and transport.