RDF processing line reliably achieves high performance

Helmut Westarp GmbH & Co. KG

Vecoplan has designed and installed a RDF processing line forHelmut Westarp GmbH & Co. KG at their waste management facilityin Aschaffenburg provided with latest technology. The wastemanagement facility had to be designed in such way that it achievesreliably high performance, but also high quality. Subsequently hedecided to produce different RDF qualities. Vecoplan convincedWestarp not only by the extensive engineering and by projectexperience in the implementation of RDF processing lines worldwide,but also because of the clear advantages of the high-tech shredders.


In order to efficientyl process RDF, the customer reuqired a very powerful and modern overall plant, for shredding and conveying commercial waste, overproduction as well as bulky waste and large packaging. The processing plant should offer the possibility to produce the output material in different fractions in order to guarantee a variable output.


Vecoplan designed a RDF processing line with modern technologies, such as the powerful VVZ pre shredder, two VEZ re shredding lines and various conveying and separation components.


The Westarp GmbH 6 Co. KG has received a refuse derive fuel line with modern high-tech components. thanks to a completely performance-oriented overall plant, the customer benefits from high output quality and profitability, but also from a consistently robust, trouble-free and maintenance-optimized technology with high availability and thus low energy consumption.

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