VHD - Heavy duty shredder

Exceptionally reliable – the shredder for solid materials with the highest mechanical properties

Our VHD is strong in starting and high-torque which are the ideal prerequisites for shredding plastics with the highest mechanical properties.
Almost regardless of geometry and weight, powerfully and reliably on a permanent basis.

VHD - Heavy Duty Kunststoffzerkleinerer

Enduring and strong - the powerhouse for shredding massive input materials

The Vecoplan Heavy Duty is a more robust and powerful shredder that can be adapted to the size of the input materials by choosing between two different rotor diameters. This ensures efficient, trouble-free operation with maximum service life for maximum availability. Depending on the input material and screen hole diameter, throughput rates of up to 8000 kg/h are possible. The VHD achieves durability through a thick-walled, multi-ribbed machine housing, reinforced side walls and a stable machine floor. Unique in this application is our HiTorc drive. It works dynamically and is strong in starting and torque. The drive does not require any mechanical elements such as gears, belts, clutches or hydraulic units.

The highlightsof the new VHD - Heavy duty plastic shredder

Your advantages at a glance

  • Millless shredding of solid input materials almost regardless of size and weight
  • Maintenance-free synchronous motor as direct drive without mechanical drive train.

  • All machine components of particularly solid and stable design


The base of the machine's main body is reinforced. The inclined base plate minimises the impact force of the input.

The frequency-controlled ram can easily compensate for jerky and impact loads. The ram guide with guide rollers enables low-maintenance continuous operation.

Our VHD is equipped with the maintenance- and wear-free HiTorc drive. This is a synchronous motor as a direct drive, without a mechanical drive train. Our HiTorc guarantees high dynamics in the drive through fast reversing and restarting. This allows you to achieve the highest possible torque at low speed. In addition, the drive is almost noiseless.

The reinforced tool holder is equipped with special/rugged cutting tools for a long service life. Sealing elements on the rotor and side wall prevent material from penetrating and adhering in the bearing area.

Shredding of heavy, technical hard plastics

A supplier of thermoplastics recycles production waste in-house. In close cooperation with the customer, Vecoplan designs a single-shaft shredder in a particularly robust version that handles a direct and unsorted feed of the material almost regardless of size and mass.

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Which model suits your needs?

Specification VHD 1600 T VHD 1600 XL T
Type of drive Direct drive HiTorc Direct drive HiTorc
Motor power 111 - 134 kW 134 / 155 kW
Speed range 60 - 230 1/min 60-230 / 40-230 1/min
Rotor length 1,600 mm 1,600 mm
Rotor diameter 495 mm 640 mm
Weight 14.6 to 15.6 to
Rotor geometry Cutting crowns 40 x 40 mm
U rotor: 72 pcs

Cutting crowns 60 x 60 mm
U rotor: 48 pcs
Cutting crowns 40 x 40 mm
U rotor: 72 pcs

Cutting crowns 60 x 60 mm
U rotor: 48 pcs
Dimension (Length) 4,600 mm 4,600 mm
Dimension (Width) 3,130 mm 3,130 mm
Dimension (Height) 2,375 mm 2,375 mm

Can be used for following material

Paper and cellulose
Alternative fuel
Plastic - post-industrial
Plastic - Inhouse Recycling