VBE - Loading and unloading conveyors

Widely used system for the fully automatic storage of bulk materials

With our VBE loading and unloading conveyor, you can economically fill and empty one or more storage boxes with widths of five metres and lengths of up to around 30 metres – even simultaneously if required. The bulk material, such as wood chips, is filled fully automatically, distributed in the box and discharged in a metered manner. If several boxes are used, different bulk materials can even be mixed.

Advantages at a glance

  • High storage volume in a small area Storage mechanism is arranged above the material
  • Simultaneous material infeed and discharge is possible
  • Mixing of different materials is possible
  • Fully automatic storage system 
  • Modular construction
  • The boxes can be erected in concrete, steel or wooden construction 

Convince yourself of our flexibility in the implementation of your requirements.

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Which model suits your needs?

Specification VBE 1000 VBE 2000 VBE 3000 VBE 4000 VBE 5000
Dimension (Length) 31,000 mm 31,000 mm 31,000 mm 31,000 mm 31,000 mm
Dimension (Width) 2,600 or 3,300 mm 3,600 or 3,800 or 4,100 mm 4,600 or 5,000 mm 5,000 mm 4,100 or 5,000 mm
Dimension (Height) 13,050 mm 13,050 mm 13,050 mm 13,400 mm 13,600 mm
Filling height 12,000 mm 12,000 mm 12,000 mm 12,000 mm 12,000 mm
Storage capacity 900 m³ 1,150 m³ 1,400 m³ 1,400 m³ 1,400 m³
Discharge capacity 150 m³/h 250 m³/h 300 m³/h 500 m³/h 500 m³/h

Can be used for following material

Paper and cellulose
Domestic and industrial waste
Alternative fuel
Plastics - post-consumer
Plastic - post-industrial
Plastic - Inhouse Recycling