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Caliqua - Energiepark Sisslerfeld AG

Vecoplan constructed and built the components required by Energiepark Sisslerfeld AG to handle material streams from the entire plant. The conveying, storing and dosing technology was specifically tailored to the customer’s requirements.


Energiepark Sisslerfeld AG (EPSF AG) has built a new wood-fired combined heat and power plant (CHP) in the canton of Aargau, in Switzerland. It will replace the previous plant, which was powered by natural gas and heating oil. The fuel consists of wood chips – produced as a by-product of forest wood processing – as well as logs and branches. The aim is to ensure a steady flow of materials and high overall efficiency in plant operation.


Vecoplan supplied all the machinery for fuel reception, processing,
storing and dosing. Among others, the loading and unloading conveyor, drag chain dischargers and other conveying, storage and dosing technology are used.


Vecoplan’s system ensures a continuous flow of material and enables the customer to operate the plant with a high level of overall profitability. As a result, the wood-fired CHP plant supplies three companies in the area with steam and some 17,500 households (approx. 47,950 people) with electricity. A very pleasing energy balance for the customer. In addition, the customer benefits from a homogeneous output material.

Individually designed conveying and processing system for biomass cogeneration plant

For Energiepark Sisslerfeld AG, Vecoplan planned and built the components for handling the material flows of the entire plant. Vecoplan designed specially adapted conveying, storage and metering technology for the customer's task.

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The highest priority in this project was to ensure that the specific requirements were met and that the system had a very high level of availability with low power consumption.
Roland Dietler , Caliqua AG
Project Manager