VSB – Hydraulic discharge device (pulling cylinders)

VSB series hydraulic discharge device is suitable for storing and discharging – even difficult materials

To store and discharge bulk materials such as sawdust, sawdust shavings or wood chips, we provide you with high-performance push rod dischargers. The hydraulically driven push rod dischargers alternately across the floor of the hopper. Pusher floors are suitable both for material intake and for storage with metered discharge.

Advantages at a glance

  • Precise dosing through intelligent control in conjunction with appropriate hydraulics

  • Available in different versions - drivable and non-drivable design as well as a deep bunker

  • Modular design and therefore universally applicable for many requirements
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Success story-biomass cogeneration plant-feeding and processing of fuels-Burmeister&Wain-EN

Which model suits your needs?

VSB 1000
VSB 2000
VSB 3000
Weight - - -
Dimension (Length) 17,000 mm 17,000 mm 22,000 mm
Dimension (Width) max. 2,000 mm max. 2,000 mm max. 2,000 mm
Filling height 8,000 mm 8,000 mm 8,000 mm
Storage capacity 250 m³ 250 m³ 330 m³
Discharge capacity 500 m³/h 500 m³/h 500 m³/h

Can be used for following material