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Perfectly designed treatment process

An optimal process chain in the preparation for recycling or thermal recovery always requires coordinated processes and continuous material flows. As a manufacturer of all relevant components, we ensure trouble-free preparation and optimised subsequent handling when designing your plant.

Shredding - Separating - Conveying - Storing

As precise as Swiss clockwork

Only few products stand for precision and reliability as much as Swiss watches. Something that works "as precisely as a Swiss watch" simply works perfectly. One tooth meshes with the next, there is no faltering and no stumbling. Perfect, smooth operation is guaranteed.

We also pursue this goal when designing your systems for complex treatment processes. Here, too, the coordination of the individual items with each other is the basic prerequisite for a successful material flow. Vecoplan is an international expert in mechanical processing and not only offers the strongest individual components from a single source, but has also acquired the know-how over the last 50 years to combine them into a complete plant in line with requirements.

Materials recycling - acting responsibly

Away from using and throwing away, towards reusing, using several times and passing on. Despite constantly increasing amounts of waste, we must succeed in using our resources sensibly and sustainably. In a circular economy, the demand for resources is reduced and recycling plays a key role. For this purpose, Vecoplan AG offers machines and systems that crush, convey and process primary and secondary raw materials - and thus provide the foundation for functioning recycling.

Shredding and plant technology for the processing of plastics

Application-oriented overall concepts for: Post Consumer - Post Industrial - Inhouse Recycling

Compressed, but very efficient, plant technology in the processing of demanding materials.

Due to the limited space available, compact systems are required for in-house recycling that reliably process production waste for the downstream processes in regranulate production.

We design complete processing systems for the return of start-up lumps and rejects into the production cycle.

We also offer a wide range of solutions for highly demanding "plastic-to-fuel" processing plants

Thermal recycling - it's not waste

The processing and recovery of residual waste from households, commerce and industry that cannot be recycled is an active contribution to recycling and resource protection. The depth of processing depends on the use of the substitute fuel and the different quality requirements of the thermal process. Benefit from high-performance, coordinated technologies with high availability and economic efficiency.

Successfully implemented complete plants in thermal recycling

Manufacturers of RDF and cement plants rely on Vecoplan technology

Shredding and conveying technology are the core components in waste processing

By combining optimally matched components, you achieve maximum efficiency and lowest operating costs in RDF processing

In the production of RDF, even smaller plants can offer maximum efficiency.

When supplying cement plants with alternative fuels, continuous reliable material flow is immensely important. Detailed planning is required for implementation.

Primary wood industry - most important renewable raw material

Sawmill residue and non-sawable roundwood from the primary wood industry are important raw materials for the paper and board industry in material recycling. When used as fuel for heat and energy generation, sawdust, bark, wood pellets and wood briquettes make an important contribution to C02 savings and direct environmental protection. With Vecoplan technology for shredding, conveying, screening, separating and storing, the valuable raw material is economically prepared for further applications.

Customized and energy-efficient sawmill disposal line together with materials handling for veneer wood rests.

Installation for the fully automatic collection and processing of sawmill waste and waste wood.

Transporting bulk goods in a closed conveying system over very long distances can save costs for internal transport in sawmills, paper mills or combined heat and power plants.

The combination of storage technology with connected conveyor technology ensures a continuous material flow in sawmill disposal.

Secondary wood industry - energy and material use of residuals

The shredding and preparation of residual wood is an important process step in the wood processing industry. In addition to the reliable shredding of residual wood that interferes with the main process and the removal of chips, the residual wood is optimally prepared for the further process in thermal and material recycling. With products for shredding, conveying, screening, separating and storing, Vecoplan offers an optimal product range for your needs.

Wood and biomass - an important energy source

Waste wood, forest wood and renewable biomass are becoming increasingly important for heat and energy production. They can be supplied directly in the form of wood fuels or via an intermediate stage, biogas or ethanol production. From material reception to boiler feed, Vecoplan offers all stages for material handling adapted to the respective application.

Complete plants for wood residue disposal and combined heat power plant feeding

Continuous material flow in practice

Shredding and conveying technology solution for the preparation of waste wood for processing into pellets

In the disposal lines in sawmills, thorough processing of the waste is essential - coordinated shredding, screening and conveying technology help in this process.

A processing plant with high output quality and maximum energy efficiency was realised for a very powerful combined heat and power plant.

For the handling of complete material flows, for example in wood cogeneration plants, we design complex systems for the most diverse process steps.

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Whether it’s wood, biomass, plastics, paper, domestic or industrial waste, or even data carriers – we develop innovative concepts and convincing solutions to efficiently process materials that frequently differ greatly from one another. You will always get the best possible solution from us, even for the most difficult tasks.

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