Fully automated dryer feeding

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Södra is Sweden’s largest forestry association and an international company in the field of wood processing. At its Värö site the company has a sawmill, a pulp mill and a pellet production plant. For the pellet production plant, Vecoplan designed and delivered the raw material storage and dryer feeding systems.


Previously the sawdust was conveyed from the existing sawmill to an unprocessed store. The project was to construct a fully automated storage system with discharger to enable the raw materials to be conveyed after screening to the new dryer, which belongs to a new Pellet Plant.


It was decided to use the Vecobelt VRF 800 to transport the material, as well as special loading and unloading conveyors, with the possibility of fedding material by a wheel loader. In addition, further conyeing, dosing and separating technology was installed.


With the conveyingsystem from Vecoplan, the entire transport route for the bark and chips was relocated without further ado to lofty heights above the buildings and streets of Södra. In Vecoplan, the company has found a partner that delivers what it promises! The plant, just like the pellet plant, has been running without any problems for years.

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For us, the protection of the environment as well as the reduction of CO₂ emissions are not just empty phrases but determining factors. Due to Vecoplans conveying system the entire transport route of bark and chips could be relocated in lofty heights above the buildings and streets of Södra – and had been executed to our complete satisfaction.
Tord Barone , Södra Cell Värö