VFB – Conveyor belt

The Vecoplan conveyor belt impresses with its versatility, which allows it to be used with a wide range of materials

With our flat and trough belt conveyors of the VFB series, you get continuous conveyors of modular design with which you can transport various bulk materials safely. With a particularly resistant oil- and grease-resistant rubber belt, designed for maximum conveying capacity in continuous operation and the option of installing various belt cleaning, safety and monitoring systems, the Vecoplan flat- / trough belt conveyor is ideally suited for transporting a wide range of materials such as wood, biomass, waste, metals, plastics, substitute fuels, etc.

Advantages at a glance

  • Robust and modular design with over 50 years of experience
  • Modern and efficient scraper technology
  • Banana design can be designed in rising or falling form 
  • Flat or moulded belt construction
  • Lower belt / upper belt covering available 
  • Anti-magnetic design possible 
  • Side sealing as standard 

In the production of RDF from domestic and industrial waste, well-coordinated materials handling technology often plays an essential role.

The production of fuel, intake of external fuels, fuel storage as well as the continuous boiler feed in the biomass CHP plant is carried out with Vecoplan components in a well thought-out overall concept.

Convince yourself of the unlimited flexibility for unlimited requirements.

Individually designed conveying and processing system for biomass power plant

For Energiepark Sisslerfeld AG, Vecoplan planned and built the components for handling the material flows of the entire plant. Vecoplan designed specially adapted conveying, storage and dosing technology for the customer's task.

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Which model suits your needs?

Specification VFB 650 VFB 800 VFB 1000 VFB 1200 VFB 1400
Type of drive Electromechanical drives Electromechanical drives Electromechanical drives Electromechanical drives Electromechanical drives
Motor power 2,2 - 15 kW 2,2 - 15 kW 2,2 - 15 kW 2,2 - 15 kW 2,2 - 15 kW
Weight - - - - -
Rotor geometry - - - - -
Conveying capacity volume 80 m³/h 100 m³/h 170 m³/h 265 m³/h 375 m³/h
Conveying capacity weight 15 to/h 25 to/h 40 to/h 65 to/h 90 to/h
Belt width 650 mm 800 mm 1,000 mm 1,200 mm 1,400 mm
Total length 60 m 60 m 60 m 60 m 60 m
Clear width 490 mm 640 mm 840 mm 1,040 mm 1,240 mm
Maximum inclination 35 ° 35 ° 35 ° 35 ° 35 °

Can be used for following material

Files and data
Paper and cellulose
Domestic and industrial waste
Alternative fuel
Plastics - post-consumer
Plastic - post-industrial
Plastic - Inhouse Recycling