VSA - Bag opener

For the gentle pre-shredding of recyclable materials

Our VSA (Vecoplan Bag Opener) as a pre-shredder gently opens yellow bags and empties them carefully without shredding their contents. Since the system only breaks the materials, this simplifies the subsequent sorting out of the valuable, recyclable materials. The sales packaging made of different materials or even household waste collected in the bags can thus be continuously and reliably fed to further processing and thus be recycled efficiently. This provides downstream processes with a material that can be easily sorted.

VSA - Bag opener

Effectively and precise – The bag opener with extremely high througput capacity

The bag opener VSA 2500 is used for opening rubbish bags in the fields of light packaging (plastics rubbish bags) and domestic waste.

The special design allows the bags to be torn open gently without shredding their contents. This means that up to 60 tonnes of waste bags can be processed per hour. This process can even be guaranteed for bag-in-bag fractions, which frequently arises when Yellow Bags (part of the German waste collection system for “Green Dot” products) are collected. The share of valuable substances coming from the sorting plant will rise significantly.

The highlights of the VSA - Bag opener

Uniformity of the material flow

50 years of experience, competence and engineering in shredding technology are bundled by Vecoplan in the series VSA. The machine is excellently equipped and benefits from many smart features for the bag opening. The HiTorc-Drive and the interchangeable cutting system (consisting of rotor and cutting frame) are modules that are exclusively available from Vecoplan. For your sorting process you will benefit from clever solutions of significant competitive advantage.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Robust and durable design for extreme conditions
  • High throughput with very good dosing accuracy
  • Highest reliability and availability
  • Ergonomic machine design for optimum maintenance and service accessibility
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Reduced operating and wear costs
  • Intuitive machine operation via VSC. Control
  • Online support and optimisation via the Vecoplan Smart Center


The machine is excellently equipped and benefits from many well thought-out detailed solutions in the bag opening.

The special design allows the bags to be carefully ripped and emptied without crushing their contents.

The patented HiTorc drive is a frequency-controlled, powerful high-torque motor with a variably adjustable speed range that can also start up under load. The virtually maintenance-free and noiseless drive has an energy saving of up to 60% compared to conventional drives.

The modular cutting unit allows rotors and the cutting table to be replaced quickly. This significantly reduces downtimes.

The rotor diameter is 850 mm and is equipped with 7 ripper teeth per rotor.

Vecoplan bag opener – Processing of yellow bags for efficient recycling

With our VSA series you get a robust, strong and highly energy-efficient solution for recycling companies to open waste bags.Thanks to the special design, careful tearing and emptying of the bags is possible without crushing their contents. This provides downstream processes with a uniform, easily sortable material.

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Does this model suit your needs?

VSA 2500
Type of drive Direct drive HiTorc
Motor power 2 x 82 kW
Speed range 10 - 55 1/min
Rotor length 2,496 mm
Rotor diameter 850 mm
Weight 22.5 to
Dimension (Length) 5,600 mm
Dimension (Width) 2,530 mm
Dimension (Height) 1,520 mm

Can be used for following material

Domestic and industrial waste
Alternative fuel