Bulk material storage

With the toploader and loading- /unloading systems we offer proven systems for the optimal storage of your bulk material

Do you want to store bulk materials such as chips, wood shavings, shredded waste wood, refuse-derived fuels (RDF) or plastic flakes and prepare them efficiently for transport and further processing? We can offer you sophisticated storage technologies to this end. Our loading & unloading conveyors and the Vecoplan Toploader have been used successfully as bulk material storage systems for many years. We will tailor our solutions down to the last detail to match the requirements of your system. All our components secure and accelerate material availability and material flow.

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Whether it’s wood, biomass, plastics, paper, domestic or industrial waste, or even data carriers – we develop innovative concepts and convincing solutions to efficiently process materials that frequently differ greatly from one another. You will always get the best possible solution from us, even for the most difficult tasks.

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