Flexible fuel processing

Gemdoubs Papierfabrik, Novillars

The Gemdoubs paper factory in Novillars produces corrugated board packaging for the retail sector. The newly constructed biomass power plant feeds the factory permanently and relaibly with steam for the paper production and additionally injects green electricity into the grid.


The production of fuel, intake of external fuels, fuel storage and boiler feeding were the challenges in this project. To guarantee this task it was necessary to install a proven and low-maintenance system equipment. Furthermore the customer requires a sufficient fuel storage to maintain the boiler operation for several day without fuel generation. Vecoplan realised a flexible system equipment to secure the permanent boiler supply.


A biomass Chipper VTH 600 to shred coniferous logs and cutting discs, a VAZ 1100 to shred overlenghts after disc screen, as well as a comprehensive conveyor and storage system were used.


The Vecoplan solution ensures a steady material flow and a high storage capacity. In addition, the concept has a convincing energy balance. The customer also benefits from high-quality fuel chips as output material.

Flexible fuel preparation for paper mill

The Gemdoubs paper mill in Novillars produces corrugated board packaging for the retail trade. The newly built biomass cogeneration plant permanently and reliably supplies the mill with steam for paper production and also feeds green electricity into the grid. The Vecoplan components secure the material flow from the material receiving area to the combustion boiler.

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Success story-flexible fuel processing-Novillars-EN
Vecoplan developed individual solutions for fuel feeding and the processing according to customer request. The system runs continuously and generates green energy.
Patrick Meyer , T.B.M.