Shredding of solid, technical hard plastics - A powerhouse of endurance

Plastic Partner

Vecoplan works closely with customer to design a particularly robust,single-shaft shredder that manages a direct and unsorted task of the material, almost regardless of size and mass.


The valuable process waste in the form of startup lumps or rejects from a supplier of thermoplastics should be returned to the production cycle.


Vecoplan enables material processing with the Vecoplan Heavy Duty, a particularly strong and solid version of the VAZ 1600 XL with a 50 mm screen perforation. All components were consistently designed for the demanding input material.


Vecoplan designed a customized solution for the customer, by which the solid production rejects are fed back into the processes as regranulate, thus creating a profitable cycle in-house.

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Shredding of solid, technical hard plastics

A supplier of thermoplastics recycles production waste in-house. In close cooperation with the customer, Vecoplan designs a single-shaft shredder in a particularly robust design that handles a direct and unsorted feed of the material almost regardless of size and mass.

Since the start of the project in July 2017, Vecoplan has fulfilled all our wishes: Now we can recycle the solid production rejects as regranulates into our processes and thus create a profitable cycle in-house.