A better alternative to cost-intensive fossil fuels

Votorantim Cimentos

Replacing a large proportion of expensive primary fuels with secondary fuels to reduce the costs involved in the energy-intensive production of cement – that is the goal of manufacturer Votorantim Cimentos. To achieve this, the Turkish company based at Hasanoğlan relies on a mixture of refuse derived fuel (RDF) and shredded used tyres (tire derived fuel, TDF).


External suppliers deliver refuse derived fuels to the gates of the plant in Hasanoğlan. The plant operators placed high demands on the further handling of the material, in terms of throughput, availability, energy efficiency and output quality. They needed a line that would receive the materials for the preheater from the trucks, store them and convey them – dust-free – over a total distance of around 280 metres. The two types of fuel were to be collected separately, mixed differently for different qualities and stored in this way.


Vecoplan initially designed the entire plant using a detailed engineering plan and addressing the material flows of the refuse derived fuels within the production line in detail.


For this project, Vecoplan delivered a balanced, complete handling line with coordinated components to Votorantim Cimentos – and the entire plant works reliably, with minimum maintenance.

Efficient processing line for handling high-quality refuse derived fuels

Votorantim, one of the largest cement manufacturers in the world, relies on refuse-derived fuels for the energy-efficient and climate-neutral production of cement at its plant in Turkey. For the plant, Vecoplan supplied proven storage and conveying technology such as the VecoBelt series tube belt conveyor, truck receiving stations and storage systems for the incoming material.

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