VEZ - RDF shredder (re-shredding)

Series specially designed for the secondary shredding of domestic and commercial waste in the production of substitute fuels

A constantly high level of output quality is essential if materials such as production and sorting residues, packaging material and domestic and commercial waste are to be efficiently converted into energy in cement and power plants. The Vecoplan VEZ-T series and the VEZ-TT series with one and two HiTorc drives respectively are re-shredders designed to master these challenging tasks. Your production will benefit from a consistently secure process.

VEZ - RDF shredder

High-performance in RDF processing

The VEZ 2500 is the Vecoplan high-performance shredder specially designed for the production of alternative fuels from production and sorting residues, packaging materials and the high-calorific fraction from household and commercial waste for energy recycling in cement and power plants.

The highlights of the VEZ - RDF shredder

Pure shredding power

The VEZ 2500 T/TT uses the best Vecoplan technologies. The machine is excellently equipped and benefits from many clever details for re shredding. The HiTorc drive and the patented W-Rotor are systems developed by Vecoplan. We can therefore implement unique solutions for you in reprocessing alternative fuel, providing you with a clear competitive edge.


Your advantages at a glance

  • Robust and durable design for extreme conditions
  • Unlimited flexibility through various configuration options
  • Highest reliability and availability
  • Cost minimisation through energy efficiency
  • Ergonomic machine design for optimum maintenance and service accessibility
  • Best added value through consistently high and homogeneous output
  • Intuitive machine operation via VSC. Control
  • Online support and optimisation via the Vecoplan Smart Center

Successfully implemented projects with international clients


Frequency-controlled, powerful HiTorc-Drive with a drive power of 247 kW
Energy saving of up to 20-30 %
Virtually maintenance-free and noiseless

Frequency-controlled ram with infinitely adjustable ram speed allows optimised shredding process even with tricky input materials

Large maintenance doors allow easy and ergonomic access for replacement of spare parts and maintenance work.

Durch eine automatische Erkennung von Störstoffen können Maschinenschäden konsequent vermieden werden. Die Störstoffe können einfach entnommen und Stillstandzeiten somit minimiert werden.

Machine damage can be consistently avoided through automatic detection of tramp material. The contaminants can be easily removed and downtimes can thus be minimised.

The VEZ is equipped with a 6-piece counter knife that is easy to readjust and replace and ensures consistent throughput with consistent quality.

Patented W-rotor for maximum cutting performance and high throughput up to 20t/h - the knives can be arranged in 6 or 8 rows.

The integrated and intuitive VSC.control operating panel serves as a communication medium for the modern control system and as a link to our technicians. Of course, you can also use it to operate the machines easily and intuitively. This is an enormous relief, especially when you have to process different materials with different requirements. The VSC.control panel is designed for durable and robust operation in a demanding environment. 

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Which model suits your needs?

Specification VEZ 2500 TT VEZ 2500 T
Type of drive Direct drive HiTorc Direct drive HiTorc
Motor power 2 x 247 kW 247 kW
Speed range 150 - 420 1/min 150 - 420 1/min
Rotor length 2,500 mm 2,500 mm
Rotor diameter 640 mm 640 mm
Weight 22 to 20 to
Rotor geometry Cutting crowns 60 x 60 mm
W rotor: 288 pcs
Cutting crowns 60 x 60 mm
W rotor: 216 pcs
Dimension (Length) 2,960 mm 2,960 mm
Dimension (Width) 4,940 mm 4,300 mm
Dimension (Height) 2,300 mm 2,300 mm

Can be used for following material

Paper and cellulose
Domestic and industrial waste
Alternative fuel
Plastics - post-consumer