Efficient RDF processing all along the line


The successful medium-sized company Sanit-Trans Sp. Z o.o. based in Międzyrzecze Górne, Poland, specializes in waste disposal solutions that minimize negative impacts on the environment. Since 2015, the company Sanit-Trans has relied on the shredding technology of Vecoplan AG in order to shred a wide variety of waste.


In order to economically process industrial waste, light fractions from municipal waste, and material from yellow bag fractions into high-quality refuse-derived fuel, the customer needed an efficient and economical RDF processing plant.


To meet the customer's requirements, the Vecoplan experts designed a solution in the form of a VEZ 2500 TV pre-shredder in combination with a VEZ 2500 TT re-shredder. Installation and commissioning could be carried out directly by Vecoplan during the pandemic period, without any major problems. The treatment process starts at the infeed, where the input material is collected. The input material is removed by a front loader and placed on the infeed belt, which feeds the VEZ 2500 TV single-shaft pre-shredder. This high-performance pre-shredder feeds the entire RDF line and the re-shredder is installed at the end.


In RDF processing, the customer can now benefit from the advantages of a complete VEZ shredding line. The VEZ 2500 TV single-shaft pre-shredder and the VEZ 2500 TT re-shredder are based on a single machine concept and are matched to each other in terms of size, throughput and handling. This enables a consistently optimized, safe process with consistently high, homogeneous RDF output quality and consistent economic efficiency.

The Polish company Sanit-Trans has been relying on shredding technology from Vecoplan AG since 2015

The successful medium-sized company Sanit-Trans Sp. Z o.o. in Poland has been relying on shredding technology from Vecoplan AG since 2015. The VEZ 2500 TV pre-shredder is used in the new RDF processing plant built in 2019/2020. The re-shredding takes place in the VEZ 2500 TT high-performance shredder. Optimal machine tuning ensures efficient plant operation.