Successful waste processing with successful remote commissioning

Ecorec Slovensko s.r.o.

In order to successfully process waste into alternative fuels for the cement industry, Ecorec relied on Vecoplan’s solutions.


Due to Corona-related entry restrictions, Vecoplan could not carry out the installation and commissioning itself.


Vecoplan delivered a pre-shredder from the VEZ 2500 TV series and two pre-shredders from the VEZ 2500 T series to Slovakia. To get the machines up and running quickly, Vecoplan assisted with remote commissioning. Cameras were set up on site under the instruction of Vecoplan technicians. Via apps and video conferencing, the employees from Bad Marienberg were able to look over the shoulders of the electricians virtually and support them in every step that needed to be taken - from installations to tests.


The customer benefits from lower costs because travel and accommodation expenses for the Vecoplan technicians are eliminiated. If something went wrong somewhere during commissioning, the customer’s electrician was involved in the problem from day one. This experience will help him in the future fault analyses.