Fibres, filaments & yarns

Yarns and fibres in different – sometimes extreme – lengths, different thicknesses and made of different plastics

For all their differences, the residual materials from the production of fibres, filaments and yarns share some particular mechanical properties: Toughness and high wear and tear resistance, combined with a high degree of elasticity. These present particular challenges for the shredding process.

For which material are you looking for a solution?

What is the process step?

Successful processing of yarns, fibers and filaments

Yarns consist of extremely tear-resistant, thin and sometimes viscoplastic and entangled materials. Usually, these are clean and without impurities or contamination. To enable operators to shred the material economically, Vecoplan offers the powerful V-ECO and VIZ series. To master this application, the recycling specialist has equipped the systems with W and V rotors.