Textiles & Non-woven material

Garments no longer fit to be worn and nonwoven waste from which recycled textile fibres are obtained

Textiles or woven materials made from natural materials such as wool, cotton or synthetic & blended fabrics are processed into fibres in unique processes. For impurities such as buttons, zippers, etc., reliable separation technology is used in the plant.

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Successful preparation of textiles from synthetic fibers and natural fibers

Textiles can be natural fibres such as cotton or synthetic fibres such as polyester or elastane. These are processed by weaving, for example. The material is tough-elastic, tear-resistant and flexible. Since it is often post-consumer goods, contaminants and heavy soiling cannot be ruled out. To enable operators to process this economically, Vecoplan offers the V-ECO and VIZ shredders. The W and V rotors ensure high throughput rates and homogeneous output. With the robust cutting tools, users achieve high availability and process stability.