Flexible plastics processing

Weerec Oü, Estland

To process plastics from household and commercial waste efficiently and flexbily, the weerec OÜ company from Estonia poted for a VIZ 1300 T from Vecopolan, the adaption genius in plastics shredding.


Vecoplan delivered a VIZ 1300 T series shredder to Estonia. The new VIZ was to be commissioned promtly despite entry restrictions due to the Corona pandemic.


Due to the Corona-related entry restictions, Vecoplan was unable to carry out the installation and commisioning itself, and had to provide remote support. The new VIZ for Weerec is equipped with the Vecoplan Smart Center (VSC), allowing access by Vecoplan technicians from the factory. Cameras were set up on site under the instruction of Vecoplan technicians. Using apps and video conferencing, the employees from Bad Marienberg were able to look over the shoulders of the elctricians virtually and support them in every step that needed to be completed - from installation to tests.


Despite the travel restrictions, the machine was commissioned qucikly and additionally at low cost. The connection of the machine to the Vecoplan experts in the factory via the VSC also gives the customer the security for the future that he can be helped quickly in case of problems.