In 2021, the company had the highest level of incoming orders in its history

Foundation for Continued Growth

Although 2021 was another year dominated by Covid-19, the Vecoplan Group posted the highest level of incoming orders in its history, with an increase of almost 60 percent to approximately 180 million euros. The company, a leading supplier of machines and plants for the processing of primary and secondary raw materials for thermal and material recycling, also achieved a strong gain in its earnings, exceeding the previous record set in 2020. To maintain this trend, Vecoplan will continue to invest in digitalisation and development of new, market-oriented solutions in 2022, creating significant added benefits for its customers.

“In 2021, we had the highest level of orders received in our history as well as the highest earnings,” says a proud Werner Berens, CEO of the Vecoplan Group. “Our profitable growth was the result of a product campaign that focused on customers and a clear business strategy in recent years.” The aim was to optimise and strengthen the company’s production facilities, divisional sales departments, marketing and corporate development and to continue investing in them. As a result, Vecoplan is growing faster than the market and a foundation is being laid for continued growth in the years ahead.

“Internationalisation is picking up speed,” says Michael Lambert, CFO of the Vecoplan Group. “In line with this, we are implementing new sales and service centres throughout the world. Additional locations in various countries and regions are being planned.” In recent years, Vecoplan has also added personnel, hiring 50 new employees. And since good people are hard to find, the company is putting a strong emphasis on training its employees, fostering their development and offering them a promising future. Occupational health is also an important factor. An example is Vecoplan’s vaccination campaign, which was launched in the middle of last year. Employees and their family members were given early opportunities to get first and second vaccinations and later a booster dose.

“In 2022, we will be putting the spotlight on our digitalisation strategy and investing several million euros in software and hardware,” says Michael Lambert. In addition, Vecoplan will present new, market-oriented products and systems. The start will be a shredder, to be shown at IFAT in late May. Visitors to IFAT in Munich, the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management, will get to see what makes this new shredder so special.

“In spite of the good prospects for the new year, supply chains will continue to be disrupted by global factors like supply bottlenecks, raw material shortages and logistics problems,” says CEO Werner Berens. “We too must show that we are able to deal with these big challenges.”

Michael Lambert (left) and Werner Berens: “In 2021, our company posted the biggest earnings in its history.”