Vecoplan has a new website

focused on high-quality content

Vecoplan has completely redesigned its Internet site. Thanks to the new and even clearer menu structure, visitors can reach their destination with just a few clicks. Vecoplan’s new site offers visitors significant added value thanks to its informative and exciting content. The new website has been online since the end of March.

Vecoplan AG, the leading international supplier of machinery and equipment for the mechanical processing of primary and secondary raw materials for material and thermal recycling, has focused on high-quality content on its new web pages. Visitors will learn all about the broad product range of the machine builder, including products for shredding, conveying, storing, dosing and separating solutions. The site also describes successful references to the Vecoplan equipment performances at the company’s customers. Site visitors can also obtain detailed information about the services that Vecoplan offers. Thanks to simple site navigation and intuitive handling, visitors can get to exactly where they want to go with just a few clicks.

Vecoplan is continuously expanding the new website and filling it with new content – so more interesting contributions and sections will follow. The new website is available in German and English.

Vecoplan offers visitors to the new website significant added value.