Vecoplan opens a new subsidiary in France:

From France for France

Vecoplan AG, a leading international specialist in sawmill waste handling, material transport and processing in the woodworking industry, as well as shredding, conveying and storage technology for biomass power plants, has opened a subsidiary in France. There is a clear focus on service and sales at Vecoplan France. As a result, it can now provide its French customers with the best possible support in the Wood | Biomass, Recycling | Waste and Service divisions.

In recent years, Vecoplan AG has established subsidiaries throughout Europe. These have been closely integrated into the Vecoplan Group in order to bring sales and service even closer to the customer. The company has now set up Vecoplan France to be an even more reliable and stronger partner in France. This not only provides customers with direct support on the ground, it also facilitates internal communication and reduces the number of interfaces when designing and implementing customer systems. The French wood processing industry will particularly benefit from this subsidiary.
Vecoplan has supplied and commissioned several hundred machines and plants in France for the wood and biomass sector, including numerous drum chippers and complete processing lines for sawmill waste. It has also supplied processing, conveying and storage technology for various biomass power plants.
“We have also realigned ourselves in France and brought about changes,” says Dirk Müller, Head of the Wood | Biomass division and one of the two managing directors of Vecoplan France. “We focus solely on solving the customer’s issue, so service is our primary objective.” Jochen Pfeil, Head of the Service division at Vecoplan AG, and the other Vecoplan France managing director, adds: The right consultation in advance, the system, robust construction and value for money are all very important factors for us. Then, of course, you need to ensure that the order is processed correctly. Experienced technicians
and modern tools are available for service and after-sales business. In the future, Vecoplan France plans to have its own spare parts supply, including a warehouse and workshop. Customers will also benefit from the Vecoplan Smart Center (VSC), the machine manufacturer’s powerful digitalization concept.
Vecoplan has so far worked very closely with a partner company in France. However, with a clear focus on the Wood | Biomass business and an increased emphasis on service, the new subsidiary is a logical step for the machine manufacturer to better serve its customers.

In the wood and biomass sector, Vecoplan has delivered and commissioned many machines and systems in recent years – such as these transport systems for sawdust and wood chips.

The two managing directors of Vecoplan France: Dirk Müller, Head of the Wood | Biomass division (left) and Jochen Pfeil, Head of the Service division.

The new subsidiary will enable Vecoplan to provide a more direct and faster service to its customers.