Andreas Jung and Jochen Pfeil step up

New leadership for Vecoplan AG’s Technical and Service divisions

Two of Vecoplan AG’s divisions have received new leadership – Andreas Jung stepped into his new role as technical manager at the beginning of June and will oversee the supply chain, while Jochen Pfeil will lead the Service division from mid-June.

From 1 June, the purchasing, electrical engineering, product development, product management, production and quality departments will report to Andreas Jung. The 54-year-old is new to Vecoplan and will be responsible for the supply chain in his role as technical manager. Andreas Jung first trained as a mechanical engineering technician before going on to receive a degree in mechanical engineering. Following his studies, Jung worked as a technical manager and production manager at two machine manufacturers where he played a key role in the companies’ successes both in Germany and abroad. Until April of this year, he oversaw production in the automation division of an international manufacturer of special-purpose machines.

The Service division also has new leadership from 15 June. Jochen Pfeil (53) has been working for Vecoplan in different roles for close to 30 years and possesses broad product knowledge and extensive market expertise. Pfeil was able to amass considerable experience as a state-certified mechanical engineering technician and project manager and in 2010 was made head of the assembly, commissioning and field service departments. He will take over as head of the Service division from Markus Claudy, who leaves Vecoplan after five and a half years.

In addition to their new roles, Andreas Jung and Jochen Pfeil will also be appointed to the management team. “The supply chain and Service division have gained two new leaders who are internationally skilled and recognised experts,” said Werner Berens, CEO of Vecoplan AG. “With these two at the top, we are well prepared for any challenges we may face in the future,” added fellow Management Board member and CFO, Michael Lambert.

Andreas Jung (54) has been the technical manager responsible for the supply chain since June 1.

Jochen Pfeil (53) took over the Service division on June 15.