360-Degree Days: Vecoplan to host an exclusive live presentation

A lockdown, but not a knockout

First it was postponed from spring to autumn, and then it was finally cancelled: IFAT 2020 is now a casualty of the coronavirus crisis. However, Vecoplan has come up with an alternative. From 27 to 29 May, its experts will host 360-Degree Days, an exclusive live presentation from Vecoplan’s state-of-the-art technology centre. Participants will learn all about recycling and processing technology, subdivided into several topic areas. Details on the content will be announced in plenty of time so that interested parties can sign up for the topics that interest them most.

On the first day Vecoplan’s experts will present solutions for sustainable waste treatment and flexible, economical handling of refuse-derived fuels. Many cement manufacturers use refuse-derived fuels to reduce their costs, because production is very energy-intensive. After processing, the material must be homogeneous and have a specific particle size range. Viewers of the live presentation will see how this is achieved. Next Vecoplan will report on successful systems for plastic recycling. The company not only offers know-how, it also supplies machinery and equipment for shredding, conveying and processing primary and secondary raw materials, opening the way to closed cycle waste management.

The second day will feature a number of other interesting topics, starting with advanced waste shredding solutions for extraction of recyclable materials and production of gas, electricity, heat and refuse-derived fuels from various fractions. Correct processing is very important here. Next Vecoplan’s experts will describe new requirements and solutions for mechanical pre-treatment in plastic recycling, which allows plastics to be returned to production in a closed cycle. On the third day the experts will give a demonstration of efficient shredding in real-life practice and explain the solutions offered by Vecoplan.

The presentations on the first two days will be in German in the morning and English in the afternoon. During these times the participants will be welcome to ask questions, which will be collected and answered in detail at the end of each segment. Interested parties can register and get further information here: www.vecoplan.com/360


Behind the scenes - Vecoplan 360° Days, "More than shredding"

Under the motto "More than shredding", Vecoplan presented holistic recycling and processing technologies live from the Technology Center in Bad Marienberg at the end of May. On the 360° days we proved: Lockdown does not mean knock out!

Take a look behind the scenes and experience impressive pictures in our "Making of 360° Days".