Vecoplan is now a member of RETech:

Part of a strong community

Vecoplan AG is now a member of the German RETech Partnership, a network of German companies and institutions from the recycling and waste management industry. The network works closely with national and international ministries, authorities, institutes and business associations. Among other advantages, Vecoplan will receive support in exporting its recycling and waste management technologies and in knowledge transfer.

RETech is known in Germany and internationally as a knowledgeable contact on all questions relating to recycling and waste management. “As a member we’ll always be up to date on matters like country data, current invitations to tender and funding and financing options,” says Tim Hamer, Head of Sales for Waste and Alternative Fuels at Vecoplan AG. “The network will enable us to establish important contacts, and it will provide support in organising events and conferences at the national and international levels.”

The network regularly takes part in industry events throughout the world and promotes attractive opportunities to enter new markets, often through joint initiatives of its members. With the help of this strong network it will be possible to develop custom solutions for comprehensive waste management concepts while addressing country-specific conditions.

Vecoplan provides trendsetting solutions for the recycling industry.

Vecoplan AG is now a member of the German RETech Partnership.
Image credits: Vecoplan AG /German RETech