Personnel expansion for sales team

Two real recycling experts

The English subsidiary of Vecoplan AG recently expanded its sales team. The new additions are Gareth Bray as UK Area Sales Manager and Ruben Maistry as International Area Sales Manager, both for the Recycling | Waste division.

Vecoplan AG continues to grow with innovations and new products. The English subsidiary Vecoplan Limited has welcomed two new members to its team. This will enable the company to provide even more comprehensive support for its customers. As the International Area Sales Manager for the Recycling | Waste Division, Ruben Maistry will draw upon his extensive and in-depth knowledge of the recycling industry to support customers and agents all over the world. Vecoplan customers will benefit from his 12+ years of experience in the metal and waste recycling industry and his extensive knowledge of plant engineering.

Gareth Bray is also new to the Recycling | Waste Division. At Vecoplan Limited, he will serve customers throughout the UK market in his role as Area Sales Manager, focusing on the material and energy recycling of waste and plastics, data and file destruction, and the consistent expansion of the Waste-2-Energy sector. He can look back on around 25 years of experience in recycling, and customers will benefit from his extensive technical know-how.

Gareth Bray is now a new member of the UK Vecoplan sales team.

In his new role as International Area Sales Manager, Ruben Maistry will serve customers and agents in the international market.