Significant added value for the customer

Vecoplan invests millions in machinery and new employees

Vecoplan AG celebrated its 50-year anniversary last year – and the company can look back on an impressive history. The Westerwald enterprise continued its successful development in 2019. Vecoplan is the leading supplier of machines and plants for shredding, conveying and processing primary and secondary raw materials in the production and materials cycle. The company is expected to achieve a double-digit percentage increase in sales and a plus of more than 20 million in incoming orders – reason enough to look ahead positively. As early as 2019, Vecoplan invested in employee expansion, infrastructure and machinery, and 2020 will see the company continue with this investment offensive. The goal is to continually increase added value for customers.

Vecoplan had every reason to celebrate in 2019: The mechanical engineering company celebrated 50 successful years. “Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible support. This was our watchword in 1969, the year the company was founded, and it still applies today,” says Werner Berens, board and CEO of the Vecoplan Group. This was also showcased in May at LIGNA in Hanover – one of the financial year’s highlights and a harbinger of success for the future. At this leading trade fair for the wood industry, Vecoplan presented the new VHZ 1600 for the first time, a machine that shreds residual wood, chipboard and hard & soft wood waste. The VHZ 1600 is even more powerful than the other single-shaft shredders in this series and is equipped with an optimised cutting unit. Vecoplan also presented a world first in plastics recycling at K in Düsseldorf in autumn: The highly efficient shredder of the new VIZ series (Vecoplan Infinity shredder) is particularly flexible when it comes to cutting geometry.

These new developments have expanded Vecoplan’s product portfolio, providing its customers with comprehensive support even in very difficult application cases. To continue increasing added value for the user, Vecoplan is also investing several million euros in expanding its vertical manufacturing depth in 2020. The company intends to use this investment to build up capacities and optimise processes. “In the future, we’ll be able to serve our customers faster, more efficiently and with consistently high quality,” promises Michael Lambert, board and CFO of the Vecoplan Group. However, even the best machine is useless if there are no employees behind it, so Vecoplan intends to significantly increase its workforce.

“Thanks to these investments, we will continue to meet the demands of the various markets,” says Werner Berens. “This will mean the faster implementation of new and further developments that are necessary and the best possible support for our existing customers and the many new users.”

Vecoplan also invested in its subsidiary in the USA, building a new hall to expand the production area.

Werner Berens (left) and Michael Lambert: “Our goal is to provide the best possible support for our customers.”

Investment in production expansion

As many as four new machines were able to start operation in production in 2020. The aim of the measures: To increase capacity, vertical integration and cost efficiency.