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V-ECO – the high-performer in plastics recycling

Extremely powerful

Designed specifically for shredding a variety of plastics, the V-ECO single-shaft shredder offers many benefits. This is reflected in its name, with the V standing for Various Materials, the E for Efficient Shredding, the C for Compact Design and the O for Outstanding Performance.

Around the world customers greatly value being able to use just one shredder for the effective and efficient shredding of a wide variety of different plastics, at the same time profiting from maximum process efficiency and ultimately cost reduction in plastics shredding. The compact design means that the V-ECO saves space and scores highly with exceptionally quiet running, low noise emissions as well as optimal accessibility thanks to extra large maintenance doors. The plastic shredder is designed for maximum performance with a high throughput, peak output quality and a greatly reduced proportion of fine particles over the competition.

The V-ECO is a robust, compact and powerful material shredder that is ideal for processing of a wide range of plastics, regardless of the geometry and compounds. The V-ECO can be flexibly integrated into existing plant systems. The shredding components tailored specifically for a wide variety of customised applications and requirements offers customers in the manufacturing trades perfect reject preparation and the seamless return of the material into the production cycle. Plastics recycling firms and disposal companies that focus on material uniformity and sorting utilise the V-ECO at the start of the processing chain.

Recycling firms and processing plants for various plastics need plastic shredders designed for power and efficiency. Vecoplan® is a specialist in the development of especially powerful machines and plants all designed to meet specific customer requirements. Vecoplan® shredders shred virtually any type of plastic from the post-industrial, post-commercial and post-consumer fields, as well as agricultural and production waste from plastics processing firms.

The V-ECO plastic shredder – the performance potential:

  • films, agricultural films, film rolls, 98/2, 95/5, 90/10, 80/20, DSD 310, foil bales
  • plastic, synthetic materials and hard plastics: DSD 324, packaging, bottles, barrels, containers, tanks, runners, deep-drawn parts, injection moulded parts, IBC, pipes, hollow parts, granulate, lumps, slugs and sprues, hard plastic bales. Even hard and reinforced plastics such as cross-linked polyamide.
  • Fabrics and fibres: big bags, airbags, meshes, tapes, ropes, angel hair
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