For even greater customer proximity • Vecoplan AG

For even greater customer proximity

The Spanish subsidiary of Vecoplan AG, a leading international specialist for environmental and recycling technologies, has changed location from the rural Mungia to the economic heart of the Basque country, Bilbao. With a clear focus on service and sales, Vecoplan Iberica can now provide even better support to its customers in its various lines of business.

To place the focus more clearly on sales and service, Vecoplan AG has integrated its Spanish subsidiary more tightly into the company organisation in recent years. With this restructuring, customers receive direct support from the respective divisions. In the case of project work, this simplifies communication within the company and minimises the number of interfaces. Thanks to this optimisation, the subsidiary, which was founded in 2012, enjoyed its most successful year ever in 2017. This helped the Vecoplan Group as a whole achieve one of the best results in the company's history.

The V-ECO shredders, which are able to shred a very wide range of plastic materials, made a particularly important contribution to this success. The Spanish plastics market is the largest in Europe. Customers therefore require this variable plastic shredder for plastic parts, foils, fabrics and fibres to an extent seen in practically no other country in Europe. Well-known companies such as CTR Mediterraneo are already using the V-ECO, which continues to deliver uniform output quality in very many demanding applications.

In the wood and biomass sector, numerous orders were placed by existing and new customers in 2017. The upward trend in the sawmill sector was particularly pleasing and Vecoplan not only sold numerous chipper lines but also delivered and commissioned a number of complete sawmill wood residue processing systems in this sector. Companies in the triangle between Bilbao, Saragossa and Valladolid were particularly ready to invest. In addition, shredders for mature wood were delivered in the Barcelona region and a number of boiler charging systems were installed. “We have realigned our activities and brought in a number of changes,” says Michael Lambert, Managing Director of Vecoplan Iberica . “The focus now is placed solely on solving the customer's problem.” Advance consultation is extremely important. The system itself, robust construction and good value-for-money are then crucial. “Sometimes you have to get rid of your old habits in order to be successful in the future. Our customers have seen how we have changed and respect this,” he continues.

Because the deep-seated integration of the long-standing Spanish colleagues into the organisation of Vecoplan AG and the clear focus on the Wood/Biomass, Recycling/Waste and Service/Parts lines of business are making it possible to greatly improve customer orientation. “To make sure there is sufficient room for growth and allow us to get to our customers faster, we have moved from our rural location in Mungia to the city centre of Bilbao,” explains Lambert. The new subsidiary is situated in one of the most economically powerful cities in the country and the coastal city's international airport is considered to be one of the most important transport hubs in Spain.

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