Wood processor Binderholz opts for VAZ single-shaft shredderVAZ • Vecoplan AG

Wood processor Binderholz opts for VAZ single-shaft shredderVAZ

Highly satisfied

Binderholz GmbH, one of Europe’s leading wood processing companies, has decided to purchase the VAZ 80, a compact and sturdy single-shaft shredder, for its location in Jenbach, Tyrol. The VAZ series was developed for dependable processing of wood leftovers. Its energy-efficient drive technology is a special advantage because it reduces the company’s operating costs. The VAZ 80 was presented to industry specialists for the first time at the international trade fair LIGNA 2017, and Binderholz chose it right on the spot.

Founded more than 60 years ago as a small sawmill, Binderholz today is one of the leading wood processing companies in Europe. The family-owned company’s solid wood products include lumber, profiled timber, single-ply and multi-ply edge-glued solid wood panels, glulam beams and cross-laminated timber. There are about 2,530 employees at the company’s twelve locations. Binderholz has a sustainable and efficient production system based on the no-waste principle. Waste timber is completely recycled. The applications include biofuels, green electricity, multipurpose panels, moulded pallet blocks and moulded wood pallets. Binderholz uses a VAZ 80 single-shaft shredder from Vecoplan to process wood leftovers at its location in Jenbach, Tyrol. Vecoplan, a machine manufacturer based in Bad Marienberg, Westerwald, presented the VAZ series to industry specialists at the international trade fair LIGNA 2017 in Hanover. The attendees from Binderholz were immediately impressed and purchased the system right at the trade fair booth.

Low-dust, quiet and powerful
“Single-shaft shredders are universal machines which in most applications can manage without additional feeding systems,” explains Helmut Bammer, Vecoplan’s Area Sales Manager for Austria, who is responsible for Binderholz. “With our VAZ series, users can feed in the collected materials directly and without a feeding system.” The hydraulic-powered slide feeds them quickly and easily into the shredding mechanism. Since the rotor turns particularly slowly, it makes little noise or dust during vertical feeding. The VAZ 80 has a rotor diameter of 250 millimetres and a rotor width of 800 millimetres.

Low operating costs
The special feature of these compact units is their patented ESC drive. With a motor capacity  from 11 to 37 kilowatts, the asynchronous motor with its powerful frequency converter is energy-efficient, inexpensive and economical in operation. Compared with competitors’ products, it allows users to save up to 25% of energy thanks to its improved efficiency. The belt drive features sophisticated slippage control plus extraneous material detection – and fast reversing and restarting makes the ESC drive very dynamic. The cutting unit consists of a profiled rotor with easy-to-change counter-knives that can be used on both sides. The rotor is mounted inside a solid steel housing.


The machine has been operating in three shifts since its successful start-up at Binderholz in Jenbach. It efficiently shreds more than 500 kilograms with a 20 millimetres screen of spruce offcuts per hour. Binderholz is highly satisfied with its performance.



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