System competence processing line for used timber • Vecoplan AG

System competence processing line for used timber

VECOPLAN plans, designs and builds one of the largest recycling systems in the UK

Plant processes 150.000 tons of wood waste per year

Wood waste is full of energy. Wood derived biomass is one of the most attractive resources for the generation of sustainable energy. Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation from biomass is viable for plant operators; and not only due to subsidies.

For R Plevin & Sons Ltd; a leading company in the UK wood recycling sector, VECOPLAN AG has planned, delivered, installed and successfully commissioned a complete waste wood treatment plant. The new VECOPLAN plant, installed at Plevin’s Hazlehead site, with a capacity to process 150.000 tons of wood waste per year is one of the biggest and most efficient waste wood recycling plants in the UK.

As a globally recognized name for Recycling technology, VECOPLAN can look back at over 45 years of experience with wood processing equipment. The company, located in the German Westerwald area, is very specialized and strongly positioned to offer complete solutions for the processing of low grade wood waste into high quality wood fuel.

VECOPLLAN delivered the whole processing line to Plevin’s. This consisted; ferrous and non-ferrous separators, disc screen, oscillating screens, hand sorting cabin, conveying technology and truck loading stations. With the full trust of Plevin’s in VECOPLAN’s ability to deliver the complete system, and an excellent working partnership, the project was a great success for both parties. The high quality fuel produced is shipped directly and exclusively to EON UK’s new 30MW Biomass CHP Plant in Sheffield, which provides renewable electrical energy to around 40,000 homes and includes a hot water district heating system for local homes and businesses.

VECOPLAN’s strength is in its experience; with future proof, sophisticated and highly efficient solutions for the wood industry. Shredding technology is the company’s core competence. Low energy consumption is now extremely important and a high priority for plant design. Efficient shredding technology is the key to successful and economic processing of wood waste. The high quality requirements for waste wood fuel in regards to contamination and fines content have to be economically fulfilled.

VECOPLAN’s VNZ 250 XLT double shaft shredder provides the answer. The Slow Speed, High Torque operation produces far less fines than a traditional fast running hammer mill and more consistently sized finished fuel stock.

Biomass power plants only allow a certain amount of fines, which cannot be exceeded. VECOPLON’s slow speed, high torque shredders reduce the material size with a controlled cutting process, which minimizes fines production. Hammer mills work by smashing the material to reduce the chip size; which as well as being extremely inefficient, produces a lot of fines.

In addition to the slow speed cutting technology, our customer was impressed by our VNZ 250 XLT’s patented HiTorc drives. These drives offer the most efficient power consumption and it is also possible to feed this machine directly with unprocessed wood.

Dean Ashton, Plevin’s Group Engineering Manager, confirms after successful commissioning in June 2014: “VECOPLAN’s solution is incredibly efficient; thanks to their Patented Hi-Torc direct drive technology. The entire plant is fully automated and can operate in excess of the specified 60tph."

Contact: Paul Costello: +44 7792 900041 / Steffen Krämer +49 (0) 2661/6267-255


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