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Getting the cycle moving

Vecoplan demonstrates its versatile solutions for shredding, conveying and storage at the LIGNA trade fair:

Processing wood leftovers instead of disposing of them, then using the output thermally or as a raw material is an economically attractive option for sawmills, joineries and furniture manufacturers. Vecoplan supplies the right technology to achieve this – and powerful shredders or chippers are at the heart of it.At Booth F66, Hall 25 at LIGNA in Hanover (27 to 31 May), the leading international specialist company will show visitors how its shredding and processing systems can play a key role in the recycling of wood and waste materials. Products on display will include an efficient single-shaft shredder with an improved cutting unit and a special drive, plus systems for upstream and downstream processes such as conveying and storage.

LIGNA is a leading international trade fair and Vecoplan has been an exhibitor there from the outset. Year after year, this trailblazing specialist company has successfully convinced LIGNA visitors with its trend-setting solutions. In 2017, for example, the star of the show was an extremely compact single-shaft shredder which is absolutely ideal for woodworking operations – but its big brother, the VHZ 1600, will be waiting in the wings to steal the limelight this year.The VHZ 1600 is even more powerful and is equipped with an optimised cutting unit. Compact and truly versatile, this machine can process leftover wood, (coarse) chipboard, hard and soft wood waste and even bark. One outstanding feature of single-shaft shredders is that they do not require additional feeding systems for most applications. Plant operators can simply put collected materials into the machine without the need for any metering. The hydraulically-powered ram feeds it all quickly and easily into the shredding mechanism.

The VHZ 1600 is equipped with the patented Electronic Slip Control drive (ESC), a technology that is affordable, energy-efficient and extremely economical to run. There’s no need for gearboxes and turbo couplings. The multi-pole, asynchronous drive motor with its powerful frequency converter acts on the rotor shaft via a special belt drive. The ingenious drive-slip control also offers operators the detection of impurities with a fast-reacting and effective rotor brake. Together with the proven start-up and reversing controller, 2 to 2.5 times drive torque can be achieved in just a short time with this combination. This is an important requirement for rapid, high-torque start-up and stable operation, particularly in the case of shredders. In addition to the many functional highlights, the new wood shredder is noteworthy for its appearance. It adheres to the new Vecoplan industrial design that was introduced with great success last year at IFAT, the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies.

LIGNA will also see Vecoplan present a robust, reliable and powerful biomass chipper which is designed as a stationary unit with a compact, horizontal feed unit. Thanks to the shredding principle with the clamping plate rotor, the chipper can also handle large quantities of wood chips and high-quality chips for the chipboard and paper industry. Vecoplan will also present a cost-effective wood shredder with a U rotor, a machine which is particularly suitable for smaller operations.

The machine builder’s extensive product line includes shredding, storage and conveying solutions for processing a wide range of raw materials. The high-quality output can then be recycled. Vecoplan attaches great importance to advance consultation, the design & construction of robust plants, an excellent price-performance ratio and the punctual processing of orders.


Vecoplan at LIGNA – Hall 25, Booth F66

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