Europe’s most modern and environmentally friendly plastics processing plant celebrates topping-off ceremony in Schwerin, Germany • Vecoplan AG

Europe’s most modern and environmentally friendly plastics processing plant celebrates topping-off ceremony in Schwerin, Germany

VECOPLAN HydroDyn® washing technology – the beginning of a new generation in plastics recycling

The company FVH Folienveredelung Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG is currently building the most modern and environmentally friendly plant to recover valuable polyethylenes in film waste in the production of high-purity polyethylene re-granulates. This polyethylene plastic waste is cleaned in the recycling plant by the innovative method of HydroDyn® washing technology. The plastic waste is cleaned in a closed water cycle such that it almost reaches the quality of new products.

The recycling technology HydroDyn® is a new patented VECOPLAN-process, removing paper stickers and other contaminations adhering to the plastic without the use of chemicals. As a result, high-quality polyethylene granulate (PE granules) are recovered from film waste. This granulate is used as raw material for the manufacture of new products from re-granulate, e.g. for film.

„The innovative washing process offers closed, environmentally friendly circuits with extremely reduced water and energy consumption at a maximum, high-purity polymer recovery,“ says Stefan Kaiser, Head of Business Unit Recycling of VECOPLAN AG. This results actually in hardly any rejects and emissions, as almost all separated and purified material can be reused.

Start-up of the first construction stage of the recycling plant is to be in October 2015. Every year 20,000 tons of plastic waste will be converted into valuable raw material. The second construction stage with another 20,000 tons of annual production capacity is expected to be commissioned in 2017. „40 new jobs are generated in Schwerin, regional capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, during the first stage. I am particularly pleased that these are employments in the sector of the important manufacturing industry,” said the Minister of Economy, Construction and Tourism, Harry Glawe, on Monday at the topping-off ceremony in Schwerin.

„The first step is the building of a production hall of about 90 meters in length with washing technology and a raw materials warehouse in the industrial park,” commented Glawe additionally. The total investment volume amounts to around 18.6 million Euros. The Ministry of Economy supports the project with funds from the joint task “Improvement of the regional economic structure” (GRW) in the amount of 6.8 million euros. „The location decision for Schwerin fell due to the optimal position between Hamburg and Berlin. The region provides easy access to our raw materials, namely waste of films especially from the packaging sector,” stated Michael Hofmann, managing director of the FVH Folienveredelung Hamburg GmbH & Co KG.

With the decision for VECOPLAN AG the FVH Folienveredelung Hamburg GmbH & Co KG has found a strong partner for this ambitious project. The breakthrough VECOPLAN HydroDyn® system stands for high-quality, integrated and economic plastics recycling. The polyethylene re-granulates are to be put on the market already 2016 under the brand ecophoenixx and can be used for the production of rubbish bags, packaging film and agrofoil.

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