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50 years of commitment, enthusiasm and innovation. A brief insight.

Energy-efficient drive technology from Vecoplan AG will be used in future to convert more than 65 tons of commercial waste per hour into secondary fuels at the MBS (mechanical biological stabilisation) plant in Rennerod.

An international conference on waste management took place at senior official level at the Federal Ministry for the Environment in Bonn between 4 and 6 October 2007.

Special rotor geometry for shredding of film and fibres. Before 2004, manufacturers of products made of plastic film and plastic fibres in the USA were not in a position to shred accumulated waste material efficiently and cost-effectively.

The highly motivated and experienced engineers at Vecoplan have once again come up with a perfect new development: the patented HiTorc drive. Join Vecoplan in embracing the new era of shredders!

Since the wood materials industry, wood-fired power stations and the pellet industry have been competing for the increasingly valuable raw material wood, pellet manufacturers have been striking out in new directions.

BAETSEN the second: A new recycled wood processing plant is being erected together with Vecoplan!

The Baetsen company is building a new processing plant for used wood at Son, on the outskirts of Eindhofen. The plant will process 200,000 tons of old wood a year, which corresponds to an output of around 50 t/h over 250 working days with 16 hours a day.

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