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If you are a specialist in the reprocessing of wood, wood waste, residual wood and biomass, take advantage of the leading, patented Vecoplan technologies that offer high throughput and maximum availability.


In plastics recycling, alternative fuel processing and document and data carrier destruction, benefit from the groundbreaking Vecoplan technologies with clear advantages.


So that you can work with Vecoplan with maximum efficiency, profitability and reliability, we can support you with our 24/7 original service – which includes original spare parts and live service.

Vecoplan technology for your business

Are you looking for sophisticated solutions for optimised wood reprocessing, waste reuse or meaningful recycling? Superior systems tailored to your specific input materials and precisely tuned to your process? Then establish yourself in your market with Vecoplan® technologies and drive up performance, output quality, substainability and profitablitiy. Our experience and engineering expertise lets us transform your challenges into solutions for ecological and economic success.

Solutions for all Input-Material
Plastic Material
Special Application
Residual wood reprocessing
Wood-based materials industry
High-powered Machines
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No news available.
  • Company magazine

    Ecological and environment-friendly production today.

    der VECOPLAN, Issue 1/2020

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  • Single-shaft pre-shredders

    Completely robust, consistently powerful.
    VEZ 2500 und VEZ 3200

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