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V-ECO series

The V-ECO series is available in four sizes:

The relation between shredding and sorting technology is the most important interface in the recycling process to reach highest availability and clean and pure output. The V-ECO series is the flexible solution for existing recycling plants as well as new designed recycling plants. The V-ECO is easy to integrate and modify for various applications and materials.

The USPs of the V-ECO series are:

  • Cutting tools
    Short downtimes during maintenance because of easy changeable rotor tools. Thus: high availability with a high output capacity over the entire lifetime. Multiple usage of the cutters saves wear costs.
  • Screens and screen changing
    The down-swing screen provides great access to the machine. Downtimes for changing screens are reduced. Flexible screen sizes for various kind of materials.
  • Swing-up machine floor
    The hydraulic swing-up machine floor allows effortless removal of contaminated materials, simple and ergonomic counter-knife changes and cleaning of the machine.
  • Counter-Knifec
    Easy maintainable and adjustable counter-knife from the outside of the machine. Lowest wear costs with highest availability cause of four times usable counter-knife segments.
  • Do uble side walls
    Heavy-duty machine frame with double side walls. No longer trouble with the bearings.
  • Shredding area
    The sloping infeed floor causes a continuous throughput.

Examples of application for plastics and paper:


  • Confidential documents
  • Used paper and cardboard packaging
  • Paper rolls


  • Hollow bodies
  • Film
  • Film and fibre
  • Pipes
  • Purgings
  • Profiles and boards

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