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We get the best out of everything.

One of the greatest strengths of VECOPLAN is its ability to develop new products and adapt existing products to individual customer requirements. Through continuous optimisation, we have developed future-oriented technology in the wood and recycling industry. Our unique range of services in this area comprises high-quality technology and service-related solutions for shredding, conveying and processing of wood and recyclables. Our machines and plants feature exemplary innovations and provide a one-stop service tailored to specific customer requirements.

Explore the products: "Shredding"

Our customers benefit from our experience in shredding technology which has been accumulated over many years. It is a field we have specialised in ever since the company was founded in 1969.

Explore the products: "Conveying"

We offer solutions for nearly every type of mechanical conveying that are specially tailored to your requirements and local conditions.

Explore the products: "Screening"

We offer a range of technologies for screening up to four different fractions within one aggregate. Our innovative systems also enable coarse pieces to be removed. Furthermore, screening units can also be integrated in conveyors for effective direct screening.

Explore the products: "Separating"

That's exactly what we aim for. Our separating plants are very user-friendly and also largely maintenance-free, thanks to their unbeatable product quality and innovative design.

Explore the products: "Storing"

With our machines, it is possible to fill and discharge rectangular silos with a capacity of up to 1,000 m³. We also supply uniquely efficient technology for continuous 24-hour discharging that can be used for heating installations, loading and unloading vehicles from silos, and also for discharge from bunkers.

Explore the products: "Dosing"

We provide cutting edge technology for regulated feeding of wood, wood chips, sawdust, bark and plastics. Precise dosing is ensured via vibration technology and screw dischargers or push rod dischargers.

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